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In short It's about Nao-chan who wants to be the very best, no one ever was. Along with her partner Maggie the Magnificent Magikarp. There isn't more to it I guess..


» Christmas event

As another apology for the long absense of updates. I'll be giving you a Christmas special ~! 3 pages; 3 days. And it's starting TODAY !


So I'm working really hard right now =P Be grateful !

» School's a bitch =P

Hey there peepz ^^,
Since I have been a loyal daily uploader, you
might have noticed that I've slacked the last
couple of days. That is all because summer is
over and school has started again >.< I'm in my
senior year now so teachers are having fun~!
So I got loads of homework and no time at all
to draw Nao Chronicles.
I am writing this post to warn you that from
now on I will only be updating once or twice
a week =( I'll try at least once a week and
more is always better ~! ^^

I hope that despite of this you will all stay
my fans (or become one!)


» At last !

He fans of Nao Chronicles !
I really appreciate you for faving my web comic, makes me happy!
So for you, and me, I decided to continue working on Nao Chronicles
from now on, so be exited ! The next page is almost finished so
look forward to it ;)

And as a cherry on a delicious cake; I will be broadcasting 'the
making of Nao Chronicles' live at livestream.com, so if you're
interested in my ways of work check it out ! Click here !

I don't know WHEN I'll be live so just, check in once in a while ;)

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